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Monday, 21 June 2010


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A lame duck gathers no moss.

And now Peter Orszag, the budget chief, has announced he's leaving.

Obama might need to station armed marines to stop the crew rushing for the gangplank!

Apparently my friend, you missed the (PBS)'Charley Rose' interview with Rahmmy and his brothers two.

Charley asked Rahm, directly as I recall, "And how long will you be serving in that capacity?" to which Rahmmy replied, "At least through the transition... depending of course, on how long the President-elect (at interview time, GW was stll the President) expresses that I [Rahm] should remain."

Again, apparently Glenn Beck must've not mentioned that interview since you seem to've missed it. - I will admit this much, I don't recall Rahmmy's mentioning any future plans, but to keep you from going all blubberly [see post above] I'll bet he's planning to run either for the Governorship of Illinois or the Mayorship of Chicago.

I have heard of Orzag, but for the life me, I can't recall what 'budget directors' do so on that post I am unable to even guess. I do however feel some degree of "confidence" (I place the word in quotes because of implicit Chicagoese) that Secretary Gates will soon be heard asking, "Where's the exit?"

"blubberly"! I'll have you know, Sir, that my upper lip is as stiff as the next man's - er, those little blue pills from Mexico work a treat!

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