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Tuesday, 08 June 2010


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Just another remark about Milibanana. Having avoided British adoption culture by adopting from the US, he then faced the task of avoiding bog standard state primary schools for his nippers, a task made more difficult by his being an atheist. No prob: his wife suddenly found an affinity for Anglicanism and started pitching up to church. And so it's a C of E school for the miliMilis. Neat, eh?

What else would you expect from a nice, smart, 'norf' London, Jewish boy?

"Like I say, these blogging bullies can dish it out but they just can't take it back in return."

Like most spoiled children, they are used to being cosseted and indulged. It's probably why they became socialists or leftists in the first place - the desire to handicap everyone else.

Quite so, Julia.

"What else would you expect from a nice, smart, 'norf' London, Jewish boy?" I was about to say that a Jewish state school would be one option, but perhaps not if his wife is a gentile. Or might such a school even make difficulties over adoptees who might (for all I know) be gentile too? I do wonder about the wisdom of our having religious state schools at all, sometimes.

Never mind, 'DM', you can now enjoy a double laugh at the expense of the 'Labour-in-spirit-but-not-in-action' party as that utterly committed and principled socialist, Diane Abbott, who sent her son to a private school, joins our nice little Jewish boy in running for leadership of the 'Workers' Party'!

Oh, you mean Diane Token?

"Diane Token" - love it!

I just read your comments at Shuggy's. Intelligent as ever. And very very mild, I might add. I hope everybody here goes there to read it.

The whole affair makes me think, once again, about a question that has always bothered me -- why is it that some people just don't get what the market place is all about?

I don't know, Dom, there is something about the word 'profit' that makes them shriek and come over all faint like a Victorian lady seeing an uncovered chair leg! Generally, I refuse to link to sites from which I have been banned but if anyone's that interested they can go here:

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