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Monday, 26 July 2010


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It has become common to walk into the road without looking, immersed in chatter on the phone. No reason not to jail the shit who was driving, of course, but it does mean that the poor, silly girl shared the responsibility.

As for the classification of murder as manslaughter - it's one way that the murder stats get massaged, innit?

While I can't actually say, the stated speed of 37 mph (very slow by Arkansas standards) would seem to indicate the shit was himself distracted. Whether your, er "Justice System" takes each party's distraction and therefore nullifies - which it would seem not - only the killing should have been accounted for.

Looking at his scholarly pursuits it would seem to me, a murder conviction would've saved you the trouble of another politician.

Is ENgland's "mph" the same as ours? Because at 37mph (by our measure) would have given both the poor victim and the driver a fair amount of time to get out of the way.

Yes, Dom, I assume an American mile is the same as an English one. Anyway, he was very nearly a third over the speed limit and had a faulty car - no horn - so in my opinion it was all down to him.

Having no horn seems to beg the question - "What about brakes?"

My thanks to 'JK' for this link which he left on another post but which is, I feel, even more appropriate here:

Ob boy, there's a long tale waiting to be told there!

Keeping you informed:

Yes, the story is riding the waves - such fun!

Close but no cigar. (Apparently - early results0.

JOHN A. MANTOOTH 11,916 30.82%
EDWARD T. TILLERY 10,378 26.85%
GREG DIXON 16,364 42.33%

I wonder if there'll be a family get-together come Christmas?

Thanks, 'JK', I'd love to be at that party!

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