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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


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I'm not surprised - previous episodes of the End of the World by Oil Spill have worked out bearably. But I particularly lenjoyed the argument that flourished for weeks, that there was a veritable lake of spilled oil lurking in the deeps just waiting to emerge. Yet no-one seemed even to attempt to explain how a less-dense-than-water oil was capable of such a feat- either the lurking or the sudden emergence. When hysteria fails at the test of physics known since Archimedes or earlier, I guffaw.

I have to add that this whole schemozzle - the whipped-up, ignorant, xenophobic hysteria and the godawful incompetence of the Federal government - has lowered my esteem for the USA considerably. You can't blame this on an individual like W - this is looking systemic.

Hmmn! As so often, 'DM', you jog me into consideration of ancillary points of great interest. The intellectual (in the best sense of that poor gang-banged word) and moral level of politicians in both Washington and Westminster seems to have sunk into the mire. Is this a modern phenomenon? Were they 'bigger and better' men in the Edwardian period? Or was that crafty little Welsh windbag, Lloyd George, or the equally slippery Asquith, just as typical of their age as ours? I simply don't know.

If they're wondering where the oil is - perhaps they should be looking toward where Louisiana tow-boats go. ("Tow-boat" in the US does not necessarily mean such a boat 'tows' but rather 'pushes').

I do wonder if such a fuss will be kicked up since this appears to be the result of one of Louisiana's own?

Well, Drudge picked it up:

I've been waiting for a place to mention this. But you mentioned East Anglia, so it's only a little off topic. From Paul Krugman:

"You’ve probably heard about the accusations leveled against climate researchers–allegations of fabricated data, the supposedly damning e-mail messages of “Climategate,” and so on. What you may not have heard, because it has received much less publicity, is that every one of these supposed scandals was eventually unmasked as a fraud concocted by opponents of climate action, then bought into by many in the news media."

Where does he get stuff like that?

Not sure, Dom, but I can't help wondering what he smokes!

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