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Friday, 09 July 2010


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"I have no idea what life is like inside American prisons": neither have I, but I'm struck by the number of Yanks who celebrate on the web the prevalence of homosexual rape in their prisons.

My own prison policy is to keep the bastards short of food and exercise, and remote from the first hint of luxury, but protect them from murder, rape and disease.

By the by, one answer to your question might be that there is a very low likelihood of the Yanks torturing the hacker, but a high likelihood (in the view of the court) of their torturing the terrorist twat.

Yes, I like your prison policy, 'DM', but I would make extra food available in return for good behaviour. Oh, and prison visits limited to once a year and then only through a glass partition - that should cut the drug supplies down to a minimum.

As for torture, I have yet to read of any example of it inflicted on terrorist suspects even in 'Gitmo'. 'Water-boarding'? Special forces actually volunteer for it as part of their training.


Way back when I was brigade duty officer one of my tasks was to inventory the prisoners in the Mannheim Military Jail.

(Walk unarmed into a bay of up to 20 bunks of “sleeping” prisoners and count them, make sure it is a person not pillows under the blankets without touching. The MP who is holding the door a half inch open has instructions to close if there is a problem. I suppose 2d Lieutenants are the most expendable soldiers in the British army also)

A bleak place clean and functional, but a jail. People whom I know who had occasion to visit GI’s in the German prisons said it was a resort compared to the German jails, like something out of 19th century gothic novel. I suspect that the European Court of Human Rights could do some house cleaning closer to home.

But I doubt it. The Gäfgen Torture Complaint and the European Court of Human Rights. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for defendant in this case but shouldn’t the rules apply to all?

Thanks for the link, Hank, I'm 'under orders from she who must be obeyed this morning but I'll get around to reading it later.

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