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Thursday, 29 July 2010


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Rather a lot of my insight-laden missives are being rejected by your blog. Error something-or-other. Or perhaps Barackmandias's CIA at work.

Sorry about that, 'DM'. If it has just started recently - last 2-3 weeks - it may be because I have begun using my 'Block List' to thwart those bloody spammers. However, I have checked your IP Address number against theirs and there is no similarity, so I am puzzled. If it continues, 'DM', please let me know and the details of what the machine says so that I can pass it on to those delicious blonde babes in California, with whom, I fancy, I am beginning to cut a dash!

If anyone else has similar difficulties please contact me - me e-mail is on the blog.

I've noticed it too David. It would 'appear' to be that pesky 5th digit/letter in the cryptogram -far too shady for me to make out. But then (to ensure D&N doesn't miss any bit of my extraordinary wisdom) if the first effort is not successful - I 'copy & paste' then try (then get my magnifying glass) and try again.

Gentlemen, that is, 'DM' and 'JK', I think I have it!

It you write in the 'Comment' box and then leave it for too long before posting your comment, it will de-activate and not allow you to post and you will have to start again.

If you have written half of a comment (or all of it) and then go off for tea or whatever, then the 'Comment' box will automatically de-activate in your absence. To save time, just swipe and copy what you have written, and then click on the 'Refresh' button, which will clear your unfinished comment and provide you with a new 'Comment' box, then paste in what you had previously written. However, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, if you paste in what you have previously written YOU MUST TYPE IN JUST ONE EXTRA CHARACTER, anything will do, in order to re-activate the new 'Comment' box - you can always delete it prior to posting.

'JK', I'm not quite sure what you're getting at but if the cryptogram is not clear just keep clicking 'Post' and it will provide new numbers/letters in different styles until you find one that is legible.

Please let me know if that helps - or not!

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