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Wednesday, 21 July 2010


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I first took an interest in the plight of the American blacks because, although it's a bit of a non sequitur, I'd discovered the music of Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory and company. It was rather interesting to watch the Civil Rights movement succeed as a non-violent popular protest (much kudos to MLK) and further watch the politicians slither aboard and try to claim credit (e.g. Kennedys). But there is a problem with this remarkable long-term success - how is a race-hustler to make a living in future? Perhaps that's the question that Barackmandias is trying to answer. What a pity, what a great bloody pity.

"Barackmandias" - love it! And yes, "Oh the pity of it".

Hopefully, this will clear up any mis-perceptions.

Another hoot can be enjoyed at the fact that the White House appears to be scared of Glenn Beck, but an even bigger one is to be had from the fact that Beck didn't feature the story that night, and the following night he supported the lady in question.

Storm-in-a-teacup stuff but in the meantime race relations in America take a hit.

I had this feeling you'd have a hoot when I heard Mr. Beck's name mentioned. Yet another can be had (but then you'd have to know something about the traffic patterns on Interstate Highways) but it coulda been bad, bad, bad when Ms. Sherrod went from the left lane to the right shoulder in her [apparently] allotted time.

But her defence, had an accident occurred, would have been, "I was only obeying orders!"

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