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Thursday, 08 July 2010


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My copy of 'Struggle' is literally falling to pieces now, I really should replace it. Here's a little piece from my old Blog referencing Wilmot and 'Struggle' you might like, Mr.Duff. Such an excellent tome, written by a journalist that the Bowen's of this modern world aren't fit to kiss the boots of.

Thanks for the link, 'DSD', a very good post. His book shattered several of my childish delusions and his loss in that Comet crash was enormous. Many of today's narrative historians owe Wilmot a debt of gratitude.

Incidentally, I've just noticed that I mis-spelled his name - another 100 lines!

This is an outstanding post, David. My mother having grown up in Scotland, and my father in London during the war, it has been anguishing for me to watch the "special relationship" deliberately dismantled; in particular, the removal of Churchill's bust from the White House at the beginning of Obama's imperium left me shocked and aghast.

With luck we can begin to set things right beginning in January 2013.

I hope so, Malcolm, very much indeed because personal sentiment apart, I really do think the English-speaking world still has much to offer the future.

Thing is, though, can we trust those dimwits who 'run' the GOP to get it right? or even Right?

I see no reason to think we can, sad to say.

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