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Tuesday, 31 August 2010


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That "Bush is stupid" meme went on all through the election. It was so bad that Jacob Weisberg (of Slate) published several books called "Bushisms", in which he recorded every "ah...", "um...", "er..." that Bush ever made. But Obama? We had "57 states", "my uncle helped liberate Aushwitz", and so on. Anyone writing a book called "Obamaisms"? Fat chance.

Both Bush and Gore had "released" their student records and Bush's was marginally better as an undergraduate and enormously better as a postgraduate. Obama hasn't released his.

I find this American "release" business odd because it's the opposite of our (former?) habit where University results - at least at Finals - are public information. Mine were displayed on noticeboards and published in newspapers, and that habit persisted long, long after I graduated. The only time I've ever checked a job applicant's claimed University record the lass on the phone told me everything I needed to know quite freely; of course, that was before modern Data Protection law, but it's national custom I'm talking about, not modern paranoia.

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