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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


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Listen, 'JK', you can only be teacher's pet once a week!

Yes, I picked up that story yesterday and had great pleasure in passing it on to the doom and gloom merchants!

The new congress in 2013 will take office about two weeks before the innaguration, WIth lucck the new presidnt can sign the Obamacare rppeal at the innaguartion ceramony.

Hopefully that will happen, Hank, but The Republicans need to apply such minds as they possess in order to find something more positive. I am absolutely no expert but I do sense that all is not entirely well with the American health care system. People need to be encouraged to take out personal insurance rather than relying on employers to do it for them, so the tax breaks for employers should be phased out and passed onto individuals, and the genuinely poor should be given vouchers to cover basic needs. It's difficult, I know, and I do not place much trust in the GOP being able to come up with sensible reforms but they should try.

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