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Friday, 06 August 2010


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This very evening we shall be auditioning a brand of tinned chicken to see whether it is fit to take a place in our attic of emergency rations.

I'll not bother you much with verbiage laden preambly sorts of stuff David. (Apologies to Mr. Heffer - but I'm an American and an Arkie which gives me particular license.) And nope, not being partisan by posting this link - the current Democrats have the House and the Senate - the last crop of Republicans either sit in house arrest or in prison.

And even though David the file contains 41 pages - because it's paragraphs are pretty much limited to single sentences, to wit: "271. The Respondent's pattern of indifference or disregard of the laws, rules and regulations of the United States and the House of Representatives is a serious violation" reading this shouldn't violate your recent promises to the local chapter of Bookaholics Anonymous.

'DM', I would recommend those large-ish tins of duck the French produce - I think you can get them over here now.

'JK', Rangel constitutes a one-man crime spree of enormous proportions. However, your second sentence reminds me that whilst it is possible that in November a bevy of white knights might ride into Washington that old sin-city is likely to rust their shining armour in no time at all.

I had hoped to persuade my wife to enjoy tinned cassoulet - no joy. And her of Huguenot descent too.

Yes, those tins of cassoulet are excellent. Force your wife to make you fresh cassoulet, that will soon bring her round to the advantages of the tinned variety.

(See how brave I am with other men's wives?!)

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