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Sunday, 29 August 2010


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Not taking anything away from the sheer dreadfulness of the Chilean miner's desparate plight, Obama quickly had the foresight to lend expertise by way of dispatching a NASA team of advisors experienced with extended duration space missions. (The fact NASA seems destined toward such rather than actual space missions, but sufficiently budgeted - I suppose it a more worthy mission than improving the self image of the Muslim community).

But my dear friend, it would appear NASA is unlikely to have the expertise to provide you succor. However I am sincerely concerned with your problems. Perhaps your cousins can do the next best thing and have Obama dispatched on AirForce One to your bedside and read you to sleep?

The man has the eloquence of a speak your weight machine!

Well, he puts me to sleep if a speech comes on at half past noon.

And you should Sir, well know the sorts of hours I keep.

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