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Friday, 20 August 2010


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MI6 informs me that 'Her Majesty' (depending on your constant contact with being in constant contact with your ,uh, well 'so and so's')...

I of course being American and, at the very best - the prime of my Arkie countrymen (and of course countrywomen), could make no sense of it.

So hell, what is it y'all need solving? Are your women not exercising enough? Need assistance with child-bearing? I've performed as best I can and the only thing I can find is that 16 of the Duggar children have chickenpox.

If Scotland Yard is at a loss have them contact Interpol.

Even by your eliptical standards, 'JK', I have to tell you that first thing in the morning that comment was even more mystifying than usual. Now I've told you before about enjoying a slug from Jake's still up in 'them there Arkie hills' - you really must take more water with it!

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