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Thursday, 05 August 2010


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"After 50 years of communism.." could as well be written "After 50 years of medical progress in the outside world, which even communist countries can copy....".

Anyway, I always wonder how one can get accurate and honest statistics from a regime which would happily shoot anyone dedicated to honesty and accuracy?

If you go to the original site, take a look at North and South Korea. Of course, there is no difference between them until the war, then watch what happens.

You can even compare China with Taiwan. China goes all Cuba-like, and then plays catch up when the free-market is introduced.

For some reason, I can't seperate East and West Germany.

I have to wonder why there is still an argument about the relative virtues of free and non-free economies. But then, I also wonder why people voted for Obama.

The last one's easy. The alternative.

I find myself wondering about almost every aspect of contemporary life!

But you see, DD, if it weren't for the sanctions imposed by the Great Satan to the north of Cuba the GDP of Cuba would be rivalling France, everyone there would be living to 100 and queues a mile long would be forming outside Cuba's embassies world-wide demanding immigration visas.

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