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Monday, 23 August 2010


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Actually I kinda like the way you've spelled 'Ol' Man River' 'cause that's the way us Arkies say it - however, and you can thank an American teacher for this:

"M I double 'S', I double 'S', I double 'P' I."

Thanks, 'JK', see note above!

Since there's only a single email address (I'm aware of) for an American teacher in your contacts list, I think sending her a 'Thank You note' should be sufficient.

I want to see your HANDWRITTEN practice of your American states and rivers before you can go to recess!!
Mrs. Oliver

Oh, no, now I'm in real trouble!

(Typical of that sneak, 'JK', always trying to be teacher's pet. Just wait 'til I get him in the playground.)


Hvae party, have everyone try to spell Mississippi. If they get it wrong they have to down a strong drink. Be sure no one is driving home until sobered up. It will be a very jolly affair.

Hank, can't think of a better way to get legless!

'JK', thanks for the linkk, all this good news is really depressing the alarmists to whom I cannot wait to pass this latest installment.

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