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Sunday, 15 August 2010


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Offtopic, but I think you might appreciate this somewhat if you haven't seen it already Mr.Duff...

PS About to start on Paice's 'Tip And Run' on the Africa campaign in WW1. Review will follow...

Excellent, 'DSD', I particularly liked this sly, dry one:

"Turkey and Germany go off into a corner and whisper. When they come back, Turkey makes a show of not looking at anyone."

Also, I just skim-read a review of a book in one of the Sundays concerned with the Kaiser's activities in Africa with their nascent racism (in the correct meaning of that abused word). I confess my almost complete ignorance on the whole matter. Let me know indue course.

Yes. Excellent 'DSD' because the line "America waits till Germany is about to fall over from sustained punching from Britain and France, then walks over and smashes it with a barstool, then pretends it won the fight all by itself" reminded me of something PJ O'Rourke wrote concerning HillBilly's 90's adventure in the Balkans.

"Better stop that genocide or we'll wait two years then bomb the country next to you."

(Yes yes, I realize DD - when you use 'HillBilly' you're usually meaning the wife. However there's that old Arkie joke, 'If Bill and Hillary get a divorce would they still be cousins?' So you see "HillBilly" is actually interchangeable.)

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