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Saturday, 07 August 2010


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"..."Why is there something rather than nothing?" atheists have faith that science will tell us eventually." That is false. Since one counter-example will do, I cite me. I'm an atheist and I most certainly don't believe that "science will tell us eventually". I go further - it's the sort of vague question that a sciencist isn't for. A philosopher might be handier. He might ask, for instance, whether the question embodies a false dichotomy. He might enquire whether, indeed, it has any meaning at all. He might wonder what sort of evidence or reasoning could throw light on it. Meanwhile, the scientist worries about leaks in his apparatus and whether his instruments need recalibration.

No, no, 'DM', it won't do!

To be a proper atheist, so I am told at length by 'proper' atheists, you simply must believe that all the truly fundamental questions, such as 'something from nothing', will eventually fall to the all-devouring appetite of science because, you see, if you are a rationalist then nothing, absolutely nothing, must be left out of the ultimate explanation - which is just around the corner, or so they tell me.

If, as you appear to do, you definitely believe that science will never tell us one way or another whether there is an ultimate 'originator' (to use a neutral term) then you must join us in the Brotherhood of Agnostics, (I'll teach you the secret handshake and all that sort of thing) albeit, like me, with a strong-ish predilection towards atheism. We're a broad, er, church and you can lean in which ever direction you like! The only belief we will not permit is that God definitely exists, or God definitely does not exist.

My lengthy and beautifully argued reply has evidently not reached you. I must have annoyed Big G.

Honestly, 'DM', you'll have to go back to night school and re-learn how to use these new-fangled computer-thingies!

By the way, have you any idea what's up with 'Deogolwulf'? He's been on the 'missing list' for yonks.

Aye, it's a great pity. But he had been expressing a degree of ennui/malaise/brownedoffness for some time.

Ah yes, the fate of all true re-actionaries, alas.

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