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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


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Talking of watching, did you see the new Sherlock Holmes on the telly? I though the first episode superb and the third pretty fine. The second was dud, but that's still an excellent batting average.

Sorry, 'DM', I watched half an hour of the first episode and because I couldn't catch much of what Sherlock was saying, partly because my hearing is beginning to go and partly because he speaks faster than a Browning machine gun, I gave up.

Ah, I had difficulties occasionally because the sound recording was poor. Partly the problem was that the volume level wandered, partly that the "background" music was often too foreground. But still, tremendous stuff.

(By way of irony: one of the feebler telly 'tec series, Taggart, has decent sound recording. And it needs it less because the cast isn't whining in estuarial.)

Sound mixing seems to be a lost art - on both sides of the Atlantic - in films and TV. They will allow the background noise to cover the dialogue. I find it best wearing earphones plugged into the 'telly' but the 'Memsahib' seems to take it badly - can't think why, learn to lip-read, I tell her! Also, what a joy - for me - to watch 'The Wire' with sub-titles!

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