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Thursday, 26 August 2010


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Does your wife have a bed skirt to hide the frame of the bed that keeps getting tangled when you tuck in the sheets? That was the first thing I got rid of. That, and the 10 pillows of different shapes and colors scattered over the top of the bed. After that, the duvet cover went. We just use the comforter and then once every year or two we get it dry-cleaned.

Now about those shoes she keeps buying ...

Yes, Dom, and the spare bed has those storage drawers underneath and trying to open them whilst tucking the 'bed-skirt' under your chin whilst reaching for the item which is, of course, right at the back . . . and so on ad infinitum and nauseum!

I sincerely hope Ms. Bert makes a fortune.

Great idea but a little too late! I bought a duvet cover with a zip round 3 sides about 18 months ago and wouldnt be without it! I can change my kingsize duvet all on my own which is amazing, especially as I don't have height on my side :-) Its made by All Zipped Up.

Jenny, Downham Market

OK, Rob, I want you to have my babies!

I've just checked their website and whilst I know more about quantum physics than I do about duvet cover prices, they seem a tad expensive. Still, I'll run it past the little 'Memsahib' and see what she says.

If only all Kenyan expatriates had her brains!

If only all Brit expats weren't a cultural bore...

'V', if only my commenters would write correct English grammar; your subject was plural but your description was singular. Nor am I an "expat", thank God, although some Brits do think we're a bit odd down here in the West Country. However, I grant you that I may occasionally be a "a bore". Oh, alright then, frequently!

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