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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


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No, it's certainly not just you!

Thank God for that!

Maybe you'll like this Max Hasting's podcast,


(i) Ms. Campbell is famously dim and unpleasant. Normally lefties ask us to cherish the dim amd unpleasant but she's rich and beautiful. So lefties can pour scorn on her after all.

(ii) Ms. Campbell is black. In the leftie religion black people have to be above criticism, except perhaps military men such as Mr Taylor (for military men can always be criticised). So this is one of the few opportunities for a leftie to hurl abuse at a person of negritude without worrying about being charged with the thought-crime of racism, than which.....

(iii) The flying spittle also conveniently draws the spotlight from the apparently less than saintly behaviour of the charity chap. For lefties want us to believe that charity chaps are above suspicion.

Have I missed anything?

Thanks, Ortega, and happily 'SoD' is visiting tomorrow so he can show me how to open it all up. As you know, I am a great admirer of Hastings.

Not a thing, 'DM', and the motion carried without a dissenting voice - yet!

Do not click on the line with the name Hastings on it (top of the page, labelled podcasts) but on the small 'play' sign on the right. Otherwise you'll only hear the conference.
It took me some time too. Something to do with military codes, I guess.


Miss Campbell's profession is to be eye candy. Intelligence and common sense are not required.

But thank you for the explanation of the issue since it did not seem to be improtant enough to follow.

But if you are going to discuss eye candy can't we have a picture.

THanks, Ortega, I'll let you know how I get on.

Hank, I have responded in a post above.

[...] She only "dates" billionaires.

(Sis, Sis, Sis, do you want me sued up hill and down dale? I love to hear from you but libel laws 'over here' are positively medieval. Give a guy a break!)

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