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Friday, 13 August 2010


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An Irish joke, sorry an Irish reality you can laugh at.

About 15 years ago I had cause to go to Ireland on business. We sailed from South Wales over to Cork landing there about 6.30. When we drove out into the town the first thing we wanted was breakfast and a cup of tea so we looked for somewhere to park. The town was just waking up and the only open parking we found was a multistorey car park.

I was driving with a roofrack stacked high with business gear, so I was extremely cautious regarding my roof clearance. I drove very slowly under the stripy metal bar hanging from its chains at the carpark entrance which warned me of the height limit. No problem I was a good six inches clear. I went through the automatic barrier and followed the arrows up the ramp straight to the first floor.

As soon as I started to follow the ramp there was a huge concrete structural beam going from left to right across the ramp. I and my passengers looked at this, "no way" was the unanimous chorus. Sure enough, as soon as I crawled up to it we could see that I was about four inched too high.

I now had the additional problem that I had passed a one way electric barrier.

It could only be Ireland.

I was perplexed as to what next when a friendly local in an orange jacket walked by. He just laughed and directed me to a space just in front of the beam which had a huge "absolutely no parking here" sign over it!

It would seem that whenever someone clobbered the height barrier and broke the chain links they just rehooked it higher up!
Irish logic? Maybe they thought the stripy bar thing above the entrance that said 1.8 metres was just decorative?

Thanks, Bob, I enjoyed that - and welcome to D&N.

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