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Friday, 24 September 2010


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As with the DoJ, so with the once-free Press of America.

As I posted upon my own site, because a Buffalo newspaper published the criminal records of victims of a drive-by shooting, some 700 'angry Black residents' held a meeting, and demanded an apology, because the newspaper published the truth about the victims.

Mike, see my post above, er, when Ive written it, of course!

I can't help to think that there is way more than misplaced loyalty involved, because let's think a moment what all has to happen before we're getting to this point...

Dropping this case was a HUGE favour. And it was dangerous too, because it got so far that it could only be done in the public glare (and it was very late in the process too... hmmm....)

People like that clearly have a price (so much we have established) so... what was it?

'Chick', I think they call it 'dishonour amongst thieves'!

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