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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


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Oh, this has caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the left-wing rags!

*hugs self*

It's just delicious to watch! Check out Matthew Norman in the 'Independent' today (sorry, no link, am on phone) - he's clearly gone round the bend!

'Mouth dribbling' and 'eye-ball swivelling' doesn't get near to a proper description of Mr. Norman's "antic rage" but, alas, his approving mention of Chomsky tells us exactly from whence, politically, he comes.

Mind you, he does write well, give him that.

Just to give you a taste of what "Middle America" (and as you once said "You can't get much more middle America than Arkansas" (now whether my prognosticatin' is this newspaper thread is likely to get a buncha comments...) but the first - and thus far sole - seems to be a pert near sum up in my opinion.

I do hope this gets you where I'm intending:

If I had access to an American bookie I'd lay $10 she will win!

Also, what is that blonde bimbo for in the programme? She nearly wet herself laughing at the word 'masturbation' and there-after she said nothing. What does he get paid for? At least the blondes (with the fright-white teeth) on Fox have plenty to say, even if it does come out in a high-pitched nasal whine!

Duh! 'What does she get paid for'?

I can't answer with any degree of certainty how she actually got the job, except to say she's the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski (of Jimmy Carter fame). As to what she gets paid for? Can't answer that either, Wiki doesn't explain.

Further research indicates she "may not" qualify as a complete bimbo. I direct your attention to "Notable Incidents" on the jump (scroll down). I think you'll enjoy the male host's 'notable incident' upon hearing Rahm Emanual was to be Obama's Chief of Staff.

Yeah, I was right first time, she's a bimbo!

Beginning next year, the government plans to publish new, supplemental poverty figures that are expected to show even higher numbers of people in poverty than previously known. The figures will take into account rising costs of medical care, transportation and child care, a change analysts believe will add to the ranks of both seniors and working-age people in poverty.

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