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Thursday, 09 September 2010


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Well David, again not a properly appropriate post except for the fact that politicians are mentioned. Anyway, over the past few months you've been mentioning Glenn Beck and how often you tune in. I've worried you might "drop off the edge" from overexposure but until just now, I wasn't in possession of any real evidence that would support my fears. Until that is, I was reading about Ohio's John 'Boner' Boehner when someone sent me a link featuring another would-be Ohio politician. See if this guy reminds you of Mr Beck.

Couldn't watch the whole thing, too cringe-worthy, but I got the flavour of it in the first few minutes and no, 'JK', nothing in it reminded me of Beck whose views one might disagree with and whose style sometimes verges on the histrionic but whose investigations into the antecedents of the dangerous progressives in the Obama polit bureau are extremely well researched. In my opinion, America owes Beck and if anyone deserves a Congressional Medal of Honour, it's him.

Mirren, not Mirran. As in St Mirren, obviously.

Thanks, 'DM', I have corrected it, hopefully before her agent gets on my case!

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