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Friday, 10 September 2010


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Oh Yeah, I like that guy too. I wonder if he's got a cousin available to move to Arkansas?

One thing though, maybe two, fat is really in down here and those three daily baths? He'd have to get used to Arkansas custom and cut those down to three per month. On the bright side - a roll in a hog waller is acceptable on a daily basis.

A "hog waller". Sheer poetry! I'm really falling for Arkansas.

Admittedly, a "hog waller" is sort of an Arkansas insider's thing - but seeing as how you're an Honorary Arkie after all, I guess I should let you in on it:!

I guess I should add (since me and Jeanie are expecting a visit with the esteemed blog author) hog wallers are real and not just the state's university mascot. Should we come upon a waller while out sight-seeing, even as crippled up as I am, I'd bet I beat you back to the truck.

That there's a Arkie sayin' that, "I ain't had this much fun since the hogs ate my little brother" should go far to explain hogs from Arkansas ain't your typical city-dwelling porkers.

Good grief, and I thought all you had to worry about was the odd mountain cougar. Truly, this internet-thingie is an education!

Pssst. When you cross the state line, don't say "cougar" that's another thing altogether. Here in the hills, we call 'em panthers.

Not 'Black', I assume?!



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