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Friday, 03 September 2010


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I can only report what I've seen (read) concerning the resemblance between MLK's mythic rally and Glen Beck's. the more waggish, oddly enough on both sides of the partisan divide, have picked up on the phrase:

"I have a dream."

And turned it round to:

"I have a scheme."

Whether or not that's true I do have to wonder - if true - might that mean fellow Fox employee Sarah Palin is in on it?

Well, 'JK', here you slide onto slippery ice. Undoubtedly the Beck rally had political overtones despite his every effort to insist that it was entirely to do with American social values but, to paraphrase, 'methinks he doth protest too much' especially given that MDS (er, My Darling Sarah) was there to add her lustre to the cluster! However, that does not invalidate Beck's sincerity. He obviously believes, in the Biblical as well as the political sense. As a deeply avowed and fundamentalist agnostic myself, I find all Beck's religiosity irritating but it is not, I suspect, going to do him, and MDS, any harm - in America, at any rate.

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