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Saturday, 04 September 2010


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I realize Alaska is even further away from you than it is to me however (though I need it not) Google is as close to you as it is to me.

While Wasilla may be the "figurative" (wink, wink) capital of Alaska, the city of Juneau might have something to say about that.

Teacher !!! David's copying my homework again !!!

Reading the piece's first page had my eyes glazed over. Here's the author and another fellow. But the good looking gal, while kinda softball as opposed to hardball, does sting the guys a bit.

Wasilla, Juneau - who's counting!

And, 'JK', don't think I'm ungrateful but you sent the wrong video link, all I got was a bunch of bores telling me the middle east is a mess - so no change there, then!

I suspect foul play.

Oddly enough, as I was clicking off D&N, murmering about why on Earth anyone would sabotage my earlier attempt to link to a video where the 'Vanity' author was arguing "she won't run" I land on:

And get this: when the guy moved in, Sarah tweeted he "has a view of my swimming hole." You think what I think? Peekchurs maybe?

Somebody get me Amazon, I need to place an order.

Yes, the aptly named Mr. Gross stayed with Mr. Maginnis and wrote about the fence.

Mind you, I make no complaint about the conduct of either of these two 'gentlemen'. I always tend to "the side of the dandruff-ridden hacks of Fleet Street" and their equivalents 'over there'. Politicians know that they are always and forever a target, quite right, too, but I only complain when the so-called investigative reporters strain, and strain, and strain again, only to produce wind and piss, as Mr. Gross did in his article

Well then, I'm glad whoever ruined my video embed effort saved you from watching it. The video had Mr. Gross confronted by a lovely wisp of a girl, and wind and piss was the sum total of his response. Perhaps the perpetrator knew your preferences and so sent instead one of Sarah's home lessons so she'll then know as GW knew, not to bother with fixing up that place.

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