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Monday, 25 October 2010


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Lest we forget:

You'll like this - we've elections/campaigns in Arkansas too.

Democraps, Republicanned, does it matter?


Well DM, at least the Kentucky Republicans provide more entertainment at their rallies:

"Democraps, Republicanned, does it matter?"

This time I think it does, DM. I grant you that the old-style, lazy, sleazy Republicans will still wish to wallow like hogs in the Washington trough but hopefully the voters will make clear their support for the radical new, er, 'knights in shining armour'. Mind you, as I have indicated before, I'm not too sure how long it will be before the rust sets in their armour - in the long run Washington wins!

Sorry, I forgot, JK, thanks for the links.

"Democraps, Republicanned, does it matter?"

Actually David, this time I think there maybe something to it:

There's something else too - though this is so far anecdotal, we'll have to wait for the actual returns to be counted - America's third party (Third Party! America has something apart from the free-spending Democrats and Republicans? Well yes actually, there is the so-called Green Party (I say "so-called" only because here in Arkansas the Greens normally have to petition the entrenched Parties for ballot access) but anyway, it appears the Greens here at least, will be getting the 12,000 votes that it takes to automatically stay on the ballot.

And candidly, JK admits to pushing the Green button himself for not only his House of Representatives candidate, but for Governor of Arkansas too. As well as for six other State candidates.

Admittedly there was a "side reason." Four of the Greens have finer legs than Sarah Palin and the remainder have something resembling a brain.

If you've found a Green with brains, JK, register it, it could have rarity value!

I only said "it resembled a brain." This electoral year I have actually thought it important enough I should probably make the effort to vote. So, I took the time from my "busy schedule" to watch the debates.

While it was kind of fun to listen to the traditionals slinging verbal dog poop toward each other, whenever a moderator asked a substantive question, only the Green was able to muster a reply that didn't include some variation of "My opponent is an effing idiot."

And besides, our version of Greens don't seem to resemble the sorts of Greens I see on TV from your side of the pond. You did read I implied their answers seemed to be coherent?

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