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Saturday, 16 October 2010


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I've always tended to regard doctors rather like Superman; but with the trolleys worn on the inside.

Big mistake, GD, I always think of them as plumbers. Take any 10 plumbers and two of them will be absolutely brilliant, the next six will do a more or less adequate job on a good day, and the last two should have been bricklayers because they'll never understand plumbing as long as they live! Of course, you never get to choose because you never know - until it's too late!

"The holy golden mantra of 'peer review'": this mantra is rather recent. I didn't see much public fussing about "peer review" until the Climate Science drivel started to become noticeable. Anyone who thinks that "peer review" is holy or golden can't have much experience of it. (I've been lucky recently - some anonymous peer reviewers have made some distinctly helpful comments on my papers.)

Yes, DM, surely 'back in the day' scientists simply followed their curiosity and when a conclusion had been reached they just published, along with all their background material, and let everyone else check it out. This peer review business seems to me to be a con designed to bolster the second-rate.

I doubt it was "a con designed to bolster the second-rate": it was probably designed to defend the purpose and standards of a journal. What it has become is another matter entirely.

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