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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


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From the Charles Hugh Smith blog:

"We should also stipulate that an aircraft carrier alone is simply a sitting duck; it projects nothing but vulnerability. It is a carrier group which projects power, and that requires an enormous infrastructure: a small fleet of other vessels, satellite communications, anti-submarine capabilities, global bases to refuel/ reprovision, and so on."

So that's that, then.

Precisely what I said yesterday to an ex-RAF officer who was seated nect to me for lunch.

I'm just off to find this Charles Hugh Smith blog!

Ahhh David.

I come to my hom-computer to find your second paragraph and consider it so wretched I go to my American Naval blog, and get to this:

"On the flip side we have the UK, busy executing political strategery in support of a jobs program to produce aircraft carriers without combat aircraft, and moving to retire the only aircraft carrier in the nations inventory capable of projecting air power. I have no idea what the budget obligations and priorities of the British government is, but whatever it is - the results of the defense budget suggest national defense is driven by a domestic agenda and was given the priority of a national afterthought."

I cannot believe it. I leave Arkansas for two days and dearieme bypasses your Grand Strategy and rather acquiesces to Admiral Sir Charles Hugh Smith?

Good Lord, when you do come visit during our wet season, bring them both along and I'll place them in a kayak hauling munitions down White River.

Don't worry though, Jeanie's got satellite TV and we'll keep an eye on 'em from outer space. Dear Lord.

Don't rub it in, JK, not least because a similar fate awaits you 'over there' - unless you get rid of Obama and all his works.

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