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Saturday, 02 October 2010


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Ironing! Well out of concern for you, here you go:

Good ol' Hank! Actually, I am rather fond of country & western music, perhaps because 'over here' I don't hear it very often, but it seems to me to describe simple human feelings in a simple way and some of the singers have terrific voices. Thanks, 'JK'.

The science fiction author, Theodore Sturgeon, was once asked by a journalist who was no fan of the genré, "But isn't it true that 90% of science fiction is crap?"

"Certainly," Ted replied patiently. "But you must remember, 90% of EVERYTHING is crap."

I've always assumed that the music of our youth was 90% crap, too.. and that we just remember the greatest hits.. and so we old fogies dislike modern pop because we haven't had the time and energy to dig deep enough to listen to a great part of it to mine for the gems.

And so I tried. I made a real effort.

My estimation is 98% is crap.

But if Mick and Paul and Bob and Ray and David are all still banging away but haven't produced a real gem in 25 years, does it mean they used up all possible good melodies years ago???

Mathematicians would probably tell us that's impossible.

But it sure seems that way.

I take your point, Dexter, it is one of the minor irritations of advancing years that you hear yourself repeating the mantras of your parents which you dismissed with scorn in your youth. However, it is not merely the melodies that have disappeared. I remember some time ago, on another blog, where they were raving about a particular song 'sung' by a famous band. I listened but could not distinguish a single word, so I looked up the song via Google and all I can say is that it made "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water" seem like a witty, intelligent and sophisticated lyric in comparison!

Your point concerning the possibility of good melodies running out is one I have heard before but I don't know the answer, either. I should add that tuneless bilge is not confined to pop music. The number of musical charlatans hiding behind atonal symphonies is growing.

Still, thank 'the Intelligent Designer' we have CDs to bring back the memories!

20th Century music was built on the backs of poor blacks and poor Jews. From jazz to blues to rockabilly and on to rock, the assertive poor tried to break free of their chains and express themselves, their hopes, frustrations and their sexuality.

Late 1990's and 21st century music is dominated, however, by the spoiled well off and pretend gangstas.

In Denmark they call much of what American ..and British bands in particular produce "Klunke rock, which means whining rock.

Kids today try to emulate soulful wailing of black blues singers of the past - and the result sounds like petulant complaining.

"The world isn't perfect... and I want an iiiiiiiiiiipad."

"Klunke rock" - love it!

I would add another factor which is that back in the day, particularly for the poor blacks and whites, there was no electronic mixing boards. It was necessary for a performer to actually master his instrument. Such a contrast with the strummers and bangers of today!

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