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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


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I read my first Lee Child novel on your recommendation, and very much enjoyed it. This Lawton guy sounds interesting, but I think I'd rather try one of the British books. Any recommendations there?

Dom, glad you enjoyed the Lee Child book, there are plenty more around.

As for John Lawton, I would suggest "Second Violin". This is the first of a series based on the very remarkable Troy family. As I say above, he manages to evoke so many different aspects of British (and in this case Viennese) life. His 'hero', Frederick Troy, despite being the son of a very rich and powerful immigrant from Russia, starts as an ordinary copper on the beat in the East End during the blitz before promotion to Scotland Yard and onwards and upwards in the following books. My usual money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied, er, but remember I am an ex-second-hand car dealer!!!

But if you can, try "Sweet Sunday" sometime and please let me know if you think Lawton captures the essence of 'over thee'.

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