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Friday, 08 October 2010


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I could see it coming. The numbers went up while JK was manning the helm and here you are, steering an oblique course into fashion blogging. Jellicoe be damned!

(But that accompanying photo? I don't think even Sister Wolf would allow herself the overtly gratuitous).

It's style David. Not "style."

You may not realise, JK, but that man, who posted the picture of himself on a homosexual website, was a minister in the last government and aspired to shadow office now his party is in opposition.

Britannia has cast down her shield and spear and is now to be seen weeping quietly for les temps perdu!

No. I didn't realize it. I suppose I'm needing to pay closer attention to your posts regarding the "who's this, that" where UK politicians are concerned. 'Frnstance, everytime you mention somebody other than Cameron or Clegg the mental picture that comes to mind is Gordon Brown.

And that picture is the stuff of nightmares.

Incidentally - what are you doing cruising homosexual websites? Is the 'Memsahib' aware of it?

Shouldn't you be gardening?

No need to cruise homosexual websites, JK, at the time it was all over the daily prints.

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