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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


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This probably arrives with very little surprise - but contributors to political parties are whores. (With the exception of the Koch Brothers, who're as faithful to their Republican brides as the most virtuous amongst us).

Your above example of AT&T and Comcast for example? I do hope they've each some subsidiary which produces condoms. This information can be found incidentally on the very same site you've, er, embedded.

There is, it must be admitted, a reason the telecommunications sluts are currently offering their favors to mostly Democrats. There's pending legislation called "The Net Neutrality Act." What this particular Act contemplates is the regulating of major portions of both AT&T and Comcast's revenue streams - and while the House (where legislation originates) will almost certainly go to the Republicans - the Senate (where the final versions of legislation are decided) the safe money bets will, by the slimmest of margins, remain in the hands of the Democrats. But even if the Republicans do manage to take the Senate, it will not be in sufficient numbers to override Obama's veto pen.


"In sneering at the Tea Party movement as a mere construction by hidden, secretive zillionaires who, nevertheless, even one-eyed, little Georgie managed to find so their camouflage can't be that good, he seeks to convince us that the hundreds, multiplied by tens of hundreds across the entire United States, who turned out at Townhall meetings throughout the summer, and the hundreds of thousands who congregated for Glenn Beck's rally in Washington, are manufactured robots, propelled hither and thither by evil, manipulative puppeteers:

This, from the Founder of the modern-day Tea Party Movement:

Took a second read of this post David. It gnawed at me you'd never heard of the Koch Brothers. Sort of surprising seeing as you're internationally recognized as a know-it-all genuis of the first order of all things business.

Well that and I once lived in Wichita Kansas (or as I'm fond of calling Kansas "The Land of the Screwball"). You've heard of course of the church that protests at the funerals of servicemembers who are killed in either Afghanistan or Iraq?

Back when I lived in Kansas (thankfully I had the sense to enlist as quickly as my new wife would allow it) Wichita "enjoyed" the services of a Prosecuting Attorney who went on to further glory - paragraph 3:

When I visit the one of my children who still resides in Wichita, I always exercise the privileges my "Concealed Carry Weapons License" permits and wear my body armor:

And for a period (until my nervous condition became equally as bad as your claustrophobia) I was employed as a "security person" for:

For the life of me, I'm unable to figure out why Arkansas enjoys a higher position on the US nutcase scale than Kansas.

JK, I surrender, OK?! The incoming 'links' fire is overwhelming me. I only have so many hours a day and most of them are spoken for by the little 'Memsahib', so give me a break - just one link per day - please.

Because I well recall what it's like to have a She who MUST BE obeyed (and in no small way, realize "She" very likely has my email address) I'll place a sign over my desk:

Keep in mind JK, Lady Duff has an ASBO with your name on it!!

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