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Monday, 25 October 2010


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A "minor" point perhaps (notice, notice I placed the minor in quotes).

Anyway, muddling ahead, it is my understanding that the ESCs are to be extracted from one of several eggs a woman has "donated" in an effort to let some quack fiddle around mixing his potions and whatnot and applying his quackery in an effort to make at least one of the eggs viable - which said quack would then "implant" in said woman's well, you know so that she could then produce a smelly squealing little person.

If the above mentioned woman hasn't an intention in the world of replicating the "success" of Octomom (if you need an explanation, just ask) then any "left over eggs" will be cast down the toilet anyway - or however the "nice way" is of saying the eggs will be destroyed.

I'm totally unqualified to posit whether the "science" has a rat's ass in hell's chance of repairing spinal cord damage so I'll not venture an opinion either "Yea or Nay" as to that. (No matter my usual propensity for opining on other stuff I'm admittedly equally unqualified to opine on). But if the egg(s) is(are) to be placed in the trash anyway, why not allow the quacks to have a go?

It's not as if Obama hasn't printed up a bunch of dollars for the express purpose of funding "research." Whether you're aware of it on your side of the pond - recently it was announced "research" was funded to successfully capture copious quantities of whale-snot, the results of which will undoubtedly lead to further improvements for mankind.

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