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Friday, 08 October 2010


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I am moved to treat you to my Whig Theory of African History.

When I was a fresher I knew the sons of Tubman, then President of Liberia. So I said to young Bill "What's your Dad's political party called?"
"Man, we's de True Whigs."
"Oh, so you've still got Whigs and Tories, then?"
"No, just Whigs".

Got it in one, if I may say so.

Bloody Hell, it seems that young Bill is still with us.,_Jr.

Oh, pity poor Liberia! When I first came across the absolutely excellent 'Mercy Ships' people that was the main target of their operations. The place was a charnel house after two civil wars.

If anyone reads this go here:

and watch the video. Remember, that no-one gets paid, they're all volunteers, so i fyou can send them a fiver - or a tenner - or whatever you can - there is no more cost efficient charity anywhere.

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