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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


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Mr Hutton has always given me the impression of being somewhat baffled by life's complexities, but resolved to ignore all that and peddle his simplistic nostrums anyway.

I could have put it ruder but not better!

In other words, taxpayers have bailed out a fake charity and, by the by, have saved Mr Hutton's £180,000 salary* and his pension. As it happens, for an institution devoted to teaching our future business leaders Lancaster University Management School has spent our money in a very unbusinesslike way. Had LUMS any idea how to run a business it would have let the WF go into administration and picked up the bits that it deemed valuable. Since the value of an outfit like the WF leaves the office at 5:30 pm most weekdays, it could have hired those it wanted (including, if necessary, Mr Hutton probably at a level of remuneration more suited to a lecturer at a jumped up provincial technical college**) and not been obliged to fill in the £27 million pension fund hole. But remember this is only "government" money. In Mr Hutton's eyes such money literally grows on trees and has no connection with the poor sods who have to work for a living (unlike Mr and Mrs Hutton) only to see a considerable slug of their income confiscated to support this kind of nonsense.

* This might be in abeyance at the moment since one of Cameron's - or was it Osborne's - first appointments was Hutton as a government adviser. Are there no depths to the "Conservatives'" stupidity?
** Significantly, despite its high place in some rankings of universities, the LUMS's mother institution - the University of Lancaster - is not a member of the prestigious Russell Group

"Are there no depths to the "Conservatives'" stupidity?"

Can't say, Bongers, haven't managed to reach the bottom yet!

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