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Sunday, 31 October 2010


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You sometimes say you mow the lawn for the parish. I was picturing a cute little church yard. I looked on Earth Google, that is enough grass to keep Califorinia high for a month. ; -)

Clever old you, Hank, I never thought of that! Does that mean you will be keeping an eye on me in future, reminding when it's due, or pointing out where I missed a bit?!

Of course, I don't do the whole lot, just the eastern strip because I live on that side of the church, there are other volunteers who do the rest. Abot two thirds of the way down from north to south you will see an oblong patch of several yew trees, that is the Medlicotte plot, they used to be the movers and shakers around here, back in the day when we hung villains outside the pub!! The south east corner was supposed to be taken care of by the Catholics when they moved in to share the church but they didn't do a very good job so I took it on.


The imagry is four years old so updates will be infrequent.

I just get a better picture in my mind with a "map" view so I go and look.

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