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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


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Is this some kind of "educational thing" for us Americans?

I've never personally owned a cat but I know people who have - and not a one of them described training the cat to use a litter box ever mentioned having to get nekkid. (However, if my nearby neighbor ever gets a kitten I may just have to ask if I can watch instead of asking).

I will admit this, your Brit politicians have pretty good taste when it comes to choosing Ambassadors (possibly excepting Bill Clinton, but then his was a "personal assistant" and probably didn't do much for US/China trade relations).

Ya'll related to the Eyetalians?

Er, I don't think you need explain further to me David. I just clicked your side-bar for my first visit to Guido's and saw this:

I didn't comprehend what the post's fuss was about - however your advisory to take an aspirin before reading the comments should qualify you a certifiable physician.

"a litter box"! I've never thought of it in quite those terms before, JK.

Yes, indeed, Guido's commenters are a law unto themselves nad I deeply regret that many of them make me laugh!

I realize my descriptive takes more 'splaining than I wish to reveal "in full" here, suffice to say my "of late requests" have been answered with "well, if you really wanna, I'm not a litterer, we'll have to visit a biohazard acceptable litter-bin first."

In earlier times, I'da looked for one - these days, what with the environmental protection laws and man-made global warming, I just reply, "I'd be willing to settle on you telling me a fairy tale, provided you use your sultry voice."

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