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Sunday, 28 November 2010


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Well done, old chap! Charters and Caldicott will be proud of you.
Although, being a spanish named Ortega, cricket to me is like chinese opera: completely unfathomable.

Ortega, your knowledge of English culture puts me to shame - Charters & Caldicott, I'd never heard of them! Even so, I would not wish you to gain the impression that I am even remotely knowledgeable, let alone expert, on the subject cricket. However, the 'Ashes' test matches with Australia are a throwback to my childhood when such matters loomed large in my life and so even today I take an interest.

You see, that'd be another, the cricket being the first, difference between spanish and english people: we like to boast about every little we know.
But sure you've seen (a thousand times) the movie!

Alas, Ortega, I had to look them up on Wiki myself, never having heard of them before. Mea culpa and all that sort of thing!

But, lo, rescue was at hand. Or at bat.

Well, is it that time of year again? And England I take it, won a round? Still, one should keep in mind:

I think, DM, it might have been the condition of the wicket which came to our rescue!

Pay no heed to that Aussie agit-prop, JK, as it stands at the moment, we hold the Ashes!

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