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Thursday, 11 November 2010


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Ms Alibhai-Brown claims that if she, as a muslim woman, had made similar remarks about someone then she would have had the police at her door as well.

How wrong she is... these days when extremists muslims (living in the UK) make death threats to all non muslims in the UK then they are hardly ever prosecuted or even arrested by the police.

Maybe it is time that this country applies the same rules to muslims as it does to the rest of the country.

Please, please, do not hold your breath, 'Irritated'!

(Incidentally, I have absolutely no intention of publishing your name, but just to satisfy my personal curiosity, having looked at your e-mail address, do we know each other?)

Mrs Alibi Braun is a very foolish woman.

Was a fuss made when that idiot rock star turned muslim (cat something) encouraged others to kill Rushdie? And he was speaking to people who already had a reputation to carry out this type of murder. So someone tell YAB that if there is a double standard, it works in her favor.

Quite so, Dom, for example, several Muslims were photographed burning poppies on Remembrance Day whilst holding signs suggesting that Britsh soldiers should burn in hell. Where were the police when they were needed? In the canteen drinking tea, I suspect!

Correction: Yaz may well be a daft old bat but she is a daft old bat who works for the Independent, not the Guardian.

Quite right, TDK, I knew it was one of the two but I simply couldn't be arsed to find out!

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