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Monday, 01 November 2010


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Amen to that!

Well, hope springs eternal, Andis!


Back in October 2008 I pointd out the Republicans had an Audacious Hope.

The first election to which I paid any attention was 1964,
The Republicans won the Presidency in five of the next six elections

I wonder if President Obama is trying to out due President Johnson go for seven out of eight.

Enjoy DD,

And though there's some ambiguity in my home district, the Democrat has conceded to the Republican - the last time a Republican represented my district was in 1875.

It would appear David, D&N has a wider audience than either of us knew, your advice to give the knife a twist? Apparently (taken from Drudge):

Of course that's California where being merely "brain dead" isn't a disqualification. But I believe the second comment on this thread from Arkansas' Premier Liberal Blog should brighten your morning.

JK, I still don't quite understand how you 'Arkies' can vote in a Dem for Governor and a Repub for Senator! Can't you make up your minds?

It's simpler than you might think. But one would need to know something about American History in general, Arkansas History more specifically, the American Civil War and how things worked out after a period called "Reconstruction" (the roughly ten years period 'the North occupied the South immediately following the war).

You remember my referring to Arkansas' Federal level politicians as "Blue Dog Democrats"? It goes back to the period above. I realize you've little time for researching the voting records of our Senators and Representatives in Washington so, in brief, 'historically speaking' Arkansas demands it's politicians run as Democrats but legislate as Republicans. In fact - were any of our legislators over the past century or so to've run from virtually any other State in the Union - they'd have run on the Republican ticket.

Unfortunately for them this go 'round - (to properly explain last night, I must slip into the way of beginning a "Fairy Tale"). Once upon a time, there was this fellow named Obama...

THank you, JK, all is now clear!

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