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Monday, 22 November 2010


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I notice, with just a touch of amusement, that you have an Irish name.

Hello, Charlotte, and welcome to D&N. I am not an expert on Gaelic nomenclature but I have always been told, well, actually my very scottish mum told me, that the 'Duffs' were Scots and the 'Duffys' were the Irish, er, off-spring. Mind you, it could be the other way round. Anyway, I was born in London and lived in England all my life which allows me to adopt an entirely undeserved and silly air of condescension to both!

I hesitate here, simply because I'm no expert either - however just from the smallest bit of research I've given it, Charlotte it would appear - may've given some, er, "legitimacy" to an old Arkie saying, "Likely, there was a ________ in the woodpile."

Mind now, I'm casting no aspersions and neither am I whinneying (much).

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