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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


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Bastard should've been tried in China.

No, JK, North Korea would be even better!

Hell David, they'da given him a cushy seat on the leadership council.


"Tudor admitted six counts of placing unsafe food on the market and one of failing to protect food against the risk of contamination." On the basis of being guilty of only those crimes, he probably received a fairly heavy sentence. From the report it appears that it would have been difficult to prove conclusively that the E. Coli that killed the little boy were from Tudor's operations (despite highly persuasive evidence to the effect that the same killer E. Coli strain occurred at Tudor's premises).

OTOH, isn't that what a jury is for? To decide if, in their own judgement and despite the lack of 100% certainty (but with an undoubted "smoking gun"), Tudor was guilty beyond reasonable doubt. However, as you say, we're talking CPS here: another load of crap which the coalition will do nothing about. Depressing - but highly predictable - isn't it?

I remember reading the more comprehensive reports at the time which detailed the investigations into the mass outbreak of e-coli amongst schoolchildren in local schools at the same time as this poor lad died. It is always difficult to judge a legal action on newspaper reports but I can only tell you what my reaction was.

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