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Saturday, 27 November 2010


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very much better to use the heel of the hand rather than the closed fist

Reacher himself comments on it often, prefering to use the elbow, heel of the palm, heel of the foot or as a last resort the forehead.

This is only if there is no 'weapon' close to hand, be it gun, iron bar, wrench etc.

Yes, indeed, although I have vague memories from my mis-spent youth in which I was forced to cohabit with blokes who were somewhat expert in this esoteric activity. By and large they avoided 'the Glasgow kiss' on the grounds that you needed to be slightly taller than your opponent for it to be fully effective. I seem to remember that they preferred the stiff-fingered jab into the diaphragm to disable an opponent quickly because the movement required was minimal and if you twisted slightly to get the weight of your body behind it the sudden expulsion of air from your opponent would blow your hat off before he sank to the floor desperately trying to get some air into his lungs! Mind you, accuracy was essential - too high and you would break you fingers on his sternum, too low and you might hit his belt buckle, either way you end up hopping around blowing on your finger tips before you end up in hospital where your fingers are the least of your problems! I seem to recall that my only contribution to the conversation was to suggest that looking for the nearest exit was a tactic not to be ignored but this did not meet with approval.

My word, what an education this site is!

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