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Monday, 22 November 2010


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You may be too sanguine by half.

Certainly, the Euro cannot continue without either collapse or the formation of a truly unified European state under one government and one taxation authority.

But, given those two alternatives, whatever makes you think the Euro elites are going to opt for collapse?

I think they will go for the other thing.

And it won't be long coming, because clearly things cannot continue as they are.

You may be right, Peter (and welcome to D&N, by the way), and in some ways I hope you are because that would entail an entirely new treaty of such enormous implications that even our political 'duck 'n' dive merchants' would not be able to avoid a referendum. The same would apply to the other countries and it would be interesting to see how many voted for it. Following the current debacle, not many, is my guess.

A new treaty?

Hmm. Doesn't Lisbon allow for any extension of the EU's powers, just like that, because they want to?

I think it might.

I haven't read the thing and in the 'loony-toons' world of the 'EUSSR' anything's possible. However, giving away your final vestige of sovereignty, that is, the right for you own parliament to raise taxes and be accountable to the people, that would be a huge step. I'm sure it would trigger a referendum here and, I suspect, in many other Euro countries, too. Bring it on, I say!

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