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Monday, 29 November 2010


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Thank you, Mr Duff, for your encouragement. I must protest, however. I have never trusted martini, or the kind of men who drink it. My tipple is tea, mostly, and a snowball on Hogmanay.

Entirely my pleasure, KE. If only we were neighbours I would draw you in to the great Brotherhood of dry martini lovers. You are right to distrust the drinkers of it, especially whilst they are drinking it, but once sampled (particularly my concoction) you will never feel the same again - in fact, you won't feel anything very much for quite a while!

A very happy Hogmanay to you.

What is "Hogmanay"?

The reason I ask is the because the University of Arkansas has copyrighted any unauthorized use of the word "Hog." But perhaps the University attorneys would allow this since it would appear to encourage an instance of drinking alcohol.

Oh, it very definitely encourages "drinking of alcohol", JK,and just to 'counter-link' you - for a change:

Well since it does involve neat stuff like drinking beer and twirling flaming balls of chicken wire and the Presbyterians are agin it - my guess is Scotland may be enjoying a visit from University officials looking for free Glenfiddich.

Recall our Republican that you admired because of the simple fact he's named "Boozeman"? Well, turns out he attended UA back in the 70s and played for the Hogs football team (American style football that is). During the campaign he put up a TV commercial featuring himself in Hog regalia. Of course it made both the Libs and Academia nutzoid as evidenced by this:

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