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Sunday, 28 November 2010


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I think the fun is about to begin.

In US law if you have the documents you can publish them, but if you obtained them illeagly you can go to jail. Wikileaks apparent paid one of their sources which would be bribe.

But other counties laws aren’t so generous. I would imangine if he ever went to Saudi Arabia his life expediency would be 10 minutes longer than a perfunctory trial.

I hear the UK’s liable laws are expansive. Is Wikileaks they responsible for the accuracy of what released? That many documents is bound to have an error of fact that some one would consider libelous.

Maybe going to the US and coping a plea for bribery may be a good idea.

"Nothing I have read so far evinced the slightest surprise from me..."

Me neither! It was nice to see the Yanks held the same opinions on the regard in which Cameron is held, mind you... :)

Well, Hank, one should never underestimate the vigor of a no-win-no-fee libel lawyer if he smells blood!

Indeed so, Julia, but was anyone surprised, apart from the excitable MSM.

If I were the President, I'd be really pissed off if some understrapper reported a minor royal saying something "inappropriate" - is there any word prissier?

"Well, Hank, one should never underestimate the vigor of a no-win-no-fee libel lawyer if he smells blood!"

Truer words were ne'er typed Hank. And, (owing to David's modesty on revealing his grasp of techie knowledge) he didn't offer a "possible out" for whoever did the actual leaking. - Please forgive David, but the one link is very short -

Prior to 9/11 only US military communications were routed thusly:

After 9/11 (and we've GW & Co to thank for not "thinking-thru" on this) in an effort to make communication between agencies easier, the US established guidelines collectively known as 'Net-Centric Diplomacy' which led to the possibility that someone could write the sentence: "Secret-level wide area network. SIPRnet is accessible to cleared American military service members and civilian agencies around the world." [emphasis mine]

Actually only that preceeding sentence need be read because putting the tidbit about the Prince getting miffed in the hands of "a civilian agency" could've been had by The National Enquirer - but I include the link only to show someone could write the sentence.

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