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Thursday, 02 December 2010


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Indeed. And I must admit to a bit of incredulousness as to whether Pfc Manning was entirely responsible for the reasons I linked to previously - but simply put, that was a lot of data!

Smart too, on the part of Assange, using the major media outlets to do his "publishing" for him - that would seem to make all this "let's convict him of something" decidedly difficult.


Yes, JK, that link sums it all up quite neatly. I know nothing of Mr. Gates but he speaks sound sense on this issue.

I did enjoy the revelation of the prissy, provincial dimness of the US Ambassadress to Krapistan, who had the vapours at some remarks of Price Andrew's. Otherwise it was a boreathon. Oh no, one other thing. President O thought that Cameron was "lightweight". Pot, kettle.


If the information dropped in to his inbox unsolicited there is no US jurisdiction.

If, has been alleged, he took some action such as giving money to a government official to get the information. then he could be charged with bribery. There are a few other such things he could be charged with if he actually did them.

If the "statesman" in Washington calm down and think like court prosecutors instead of embarrassed politicians they can make sure he will never want to enter the US or do business in the US even if he is never criminally charged.

I too DM "enjoyed" some of the revevations but then one must appreciate that where "these leaks" are concerned - these leaks are on the Internet - more precisely, were placed on the Internet by people who should've read their own alerts to the public that anything placed on the Internet - "is subject to interception" - Geez. (I'd give all the "alert-sources" but David has taken a disliking to my overwhelming him with links due (I think) to the early winter which prevents him from getting to the library.

Still - considering everything, the link I have provided above, at the very top, offers a back-link to an opinion offerred by the esteemed Mr. Philby concerning what one should expect to be gleaned from diplomatic cables (Mr. Philby's opinion, considering Mr. Gates' previous job as a "very-higher-up" in the US' CIA - anything "revealed" should be taken with a truckload of salt.

DM, just imagine how the lady would have felt if it had been Philip there instead of Andrew - like father like son!

Hank, I doubt Mr. Assange will ever go within a 100 miles of the USA.

JK, I am waiting for the American media to start asking questions as to why all this information was available to so many people. (No, no, don't send me links, I'll find it eventually!)

This time David, I don't think you'll be receiving any because I can't find any.

I had a thought (yes, i know it is a very rare occurrence.)

If young thugs, who commit adult like crimes of murder, can be tried as an adult; why can’t Julian, who appears to a have very young emotional age be tried in Juvenile Court and sentenced to reform school until he learns to act like an adult?

I take your point, Hank, but I would prefer to see the adults who left all this inflammable material lying around next to a box of matches. They are the culpable ones.

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