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Thursday, 27 January 2011


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XX following the war he ended up encountering one of his German handlers, who gave him the Iron Cross for his contribution to the German war effort;XX

Therefore he did NOT get "awarded" the Iron cross. It's award was suspended after 1945.

Yes, FT, I noticed that - typical Wiki, I'm afraid.

Cracking post - again

Far be if from me to recommend a book to someone who heads the Order of Merit (with gold leaf cluster) for book recommendations, but it might be of interest to scan "Operation Mincemeat", in which Garbo plays no small part.

Kind regards

If you are interested in this man Garbo, there is a very recent film about him

that you can see on line here (but in spanish, I'm affraid)

Too bad that you do not understand catalan or spanish (or you do?).

Here is an one hour interview with him made in that language in September 14th 1984.

One thing you get from that interview is that the man, and what he did, is quite different from the character that Nigel West created in:

Garbo co-written by Juan Pujol with Nigel West, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1985

From his responses and some quite big errors he makes, it seems that the historical Garbo is as much a fiction character created by Tommy Harris, the real brain behind all that, with deceiving purposes as is the one in Furst's book. At least, that is what this spanish article seems to say.

Probably we will never be able to separate the reality from the myth.
By the way, garbo in spanish means something like jauntiness.

David, thank you for your kind words, I always feel slightly nervous recommending books lest they prove to be a disappointment. I haven't got the latest book on 'the manwho never was', as the operation used to be called, but I know the gist of it. I didn't realise Pujol was involved.

Ortega, good to hear from you again. No, I do not speak Spanish but, as we say in English, 'I know a man who does', or to be precise, I know a website that does. It was a rather poor translation but I understood the gist of it. Harris and Pujol - what an incredible pair! What a pity Pujol didn't write his own story - but on the other hand, would we have believed it?

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